The Story

My Celtic Faith is a Symphonic Metal band from Alkmaar in Holland. The band was formed in 2014 by Zeek (ZEEKtheFREAK), Tom Kuilboer (Entropy) and Lars Vrasdonk (Fill Bloom). After a few years of trying out many musicians, they were joined by Lennaert Roomer (ZEEKtheFREAK) on guitar and Synthesizer. The band is searching for a drummer

The History
Due to Zeek emigrating to France in 2015 the band took a sabbatical break, before playing any gigs. Now Zeek has returned to the Netherlands, the band are practising again before adventuring out into the world of gigging. The band hopes also in 2020 to start work on an album

Tom Kuilboer: Electric/acoustic guitar

Lars Vrasdonk: Bass

Lennaert Roomer: Guitar/synthesizer

Zeek: Vocals/acoustic guitar

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