Due to a clerical error by us, although the Facebook page is still online, we have no access to it, And with no help from Facebook, we have had to make a new Facebook page, you can visit it here


The band is looking for a Rock/ metal drummer from the Alkmaar area of the Holland.

This is so that Lennaert can concentrate on playing  guitar and synthesizer in the band.

If you think you are what we are needing, send your bio and your work to


After a sabbatical of a few years, with only 1 or 2 exceptions, the band are rehearsing for some gigs and hopefully a CD later in the year. However the band line-up is at this moment still uncertain, but we will keep you up to date with things as they happen

If you live in the Alkmaar area of the Netherlands and you think you have what it takes to drum with us, please send your information and CV to either:


or to our Facebook page

contact My Celtic Faith

for more information:

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